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Increase the Total Value to Your Rogers House

With an aging baby boomer population, mobility assistive devices and equipment already installed in a Rogers house will probably be very appealing to this demographic. With the addition of mobility devices to your bathroom, you can greatly boost your Rogers home’s resale value, and make it significantly easier to sell when the time comes.

Make Daily Life Easier and More Dignified

Bath is something every single day which most folks do. By making the day-to-day cleaning of yourself easier, you can make your life much more pleasurable, and more dignified knowing you can take care of yourself, with no need of external help or nurses to do.

Make the Bath Significantly Less Dangerous

The bathroom is one of the very dangerous areas in the home for aged people. With a fresh walk-in bath, you can make getting in and out of the shower more secure and much safer every day. That reduces the danger of one of the most high-risk rooms in the house.


Do you want additional help washing and cleaning of falling in the bathtub, because of the risk?

We’re proud to install walk in bathtubs and showers for the great people of Rogers, to make regular living much easier. Our highly trained technicians here at Cain’s Mobility AR can have a brand new shower setup all prepared to go in your Rogers house within a couple of days!

Prevent Serious Injury which Could Shorten Your Lifespan Appreciably

For a lot of elderly people dwelling in Rogers, bones could break, and considerably hinder mobility and exercise for years to come. Every single day, this inactivity and dearth of skill to go can substantially reduce your lifespan and overall happiness and liberty you’ve.

Among the simplest methods to stop harm is in the restroom, with new freedom equipment that make the procedure of bathing significantly less dangerous than before.

Thus give our Rogers team a call right away to learn ways to avoid serious injury like a broken hip, leg or back, and live for longer and free.

Increase your Rogers Home’s Resale Value to An Increasing Baby Boomer Population.

As more and more of the baby boomer population in Arkansas are becoming older, freedom gear will become a larger and bigger selling point for the purchase of Rogers houses.

By installing a walk-in bath in your Rogers house, you will not only make living easier but would set your house up to be precious in the future.

Every walk in tub can significantly raise your Arkansas home’s resale and allure to aging people.

Give our Rogers team a call to find out precisely how much your house’s resale value would climb from a fresh installation.

Make Living Alone in Arkansas Safe and Fun!

For a lot of aging citizens, having the ability to live in their particular house for so long as possible is the very best way to keep dignity and pride in their own own lives.

As people age, parts of their bodies begin to break down, plus it becomes dangerous to live alone without additional help in the rare instance that something happens.

For a lot of aged individuals, this means eventually having to move away from the Rogers house they’ve lived in for many years and love, and into a Arkansas retirement or care facility that is infertile, unfamiliar and not practically the same as their own house in Rogers.

By preventing tumbles and slips in the restroom with a brand new walk-in bath, aged people will likely be able relish the life they have lived for many years, and to stay within their very own home for longer.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) About how much will one of these tubs cost to get installed?

The setup can really cost you approximately $1,500-$3,000 to be installed in Rogers. Sometimes the cost of the unit and the installment is a better investment than paying for a caretaker.

2) Can I convert my existing bathtub into a walk-in one?

Yes. There are instructions available on how exactly to convert your existing bathtub into a walk-in bath. We recommend that you just know how exactly to use the right tools so that you just do not end up with a non-working bath. There are businesses in Rogers that know how to turn your tub more disability and your house reachable for less of an investment than other options. As installers, we know how to point you in the right direction, so please ask us for a consultation so we can assist you in making your house fulfill your present wants, particularly if you've recently become disabled or are providing an aged person care-giving in their home or your residence.

3) What are some of the benefits of getting one?

The most important advantage is that it facilitates your mind in case you have mobility issues, because depending on your circumstances, you can slip on a regular bathtub or have problem getting into the bath with no low step threshold. By making washing easier, the plan of a walk in bathtub can likewise make it much more suitable for individuals who you depend on in your life and help you live more independently. Aside from the advantages of safety and availability, living alone in Rogers is a real dilemma for individuals suffering from freedom problems. Other advantages include enhanced relaxation given all the features which are available to you personally. It relieves the discomfort related to common ailments. It's a popular choice for individuals who love taking baths, need freedom and need to feel safe and worry-free unimpeded by their freedom dilemma.

4) Is there any additional structural support needed before installation?

Many walk-in baths are mounted to a stainless steel welded support framework with leveling feet that's included with your purchased tub. The flooring in the bathroom must have a structural support strength that exceeds the weight of the bathtub in addition to the weight of the water. Our Rogers installer will check to ascertain when it is not, if the floor is level and otherwise, then they will make use of the leveling legs to correct the level of the bath. Of course, the prior tub will have to be eliminated. In addition, the wall or tile in region will have to be removed if replacing.

5) Do these tubs drain normally?

Yes. Sometimes, however, it is crucial to change the plumbing depending on the place of the drains. Installers may have to add a fitting to the existing wastewater conduit for a walk in tub. Existing plumbing may allow for faster drain times or slower drain times.

6) How much do walk-in bathtubs cost in Rogers?

A walk-in bath in Rogers typically ranges in cost from $1,700 to over $30,000. The cost depends upon whether you have it installed by our Arkansas team, what characteristics you choose, as well as the standard of the item. The price also varies depending on whether you pick acrylic or fiberglass bathtubs. Everybody is different and ensuring that a walk in tub works for someone 's unique situation is quite critical because it is usually replacing a washing or bathtub assembly that's not satisfying their needs. A great walk-in bathtub runs between installed. and $8,000 $3,000 Some providers offer monthly payments or a cash bonus.

7) What sort of guarantees are there that these tubs won’t leak and damage my Rogers house?

Consumer Affairs recommends that an owner that is original buy a lifetime warranty to give buyers peace of mind about leaks. Additionally, ask if the lifetime guarantee is extended to other owners too. For most Arkansas house setups, this will likely be comprised for a set amount of years.

8) Will AARP cover the cost of equipment and installation?

AARP isn't a provider of insurance, but contracts with insurance companies to make coverage available to AARP members. AARP will not make people health plan recommendations and does not cover the cost of walk-in tubs or any wellness needs. AARP does provide coverage like other health plans and Medicare Supplement Insurance and accessibility to medical care tools to members as a resource, but member advantages are given by third parties. Check with the plans that are listed in Arkansas under AARP's membership services.

9) Are there any kits available for installing my own walk-in tub?

Yes, producers do offer do it yourself installations of a bath conversion kit. Depending on whether you possess the appropriate tools and technical familiarity with the instruments, it's possible. However, many times, someone thinks it is going to be inexpensive to purchase all the tools that are appropriate. These tools can be costly, so be sure you compare the price of purchasing all of the tools along with the expense of your time learning the best way to install the kit with the cost of a professional installation. Then the instructions may seem fairly simple, in the event you are someone who does a lot of home improvements. Just make certain the unit is tested by them in line with the Maker 's instructions and that the unit you bought did not get damaged during transport.

10) Is there a way to re-sell the tub once we are done with it?

You can re-sell find or used walk-in baths being sold online. However, lots of folks typically want to ensure that they're purchasing a walk in tub that personally meets their needs for the long-term. They're not as inclined to take a huge risk by paying the removal of their present bath and all of the costs related to transportation without a little more investment and assurance in the state along with quality of their purchase. There's not actually a big marketplace for used plumbing fixtures. If you are unsure how long you're definitely going to be at your Rogers dwelling and can not warrant a long-term care option of a leading walk in bath setup, then there are easy measure retrofits that give you the ability to return the bathroom to an unmodified toilet to avoid turning potential buyers away who do not desire to pay for a big removal. Eventually, if you do think you could attempt to resell your walk-in bathtub, the following buyer might want to know if the lifetime guarantee is extended to other owners as well or if they are going to need to cover the costs connected with a door seal or other part damages that will occur with use.

11) Will the cost of installation and equipment be covered by my disability in Arkansas?

If your impairment was due to a car or work injury, check together with the right insurance insurance company to find out if house modifications resulting from your AR handicap are covered. Claims that contain Rogers house adjustments are not inadmissible in insurance settlements. Someone have a medical condition that meets their definition of disability and qualifies for Social Security disability benefits when they have worked in a job that was covered by Social Security. Benefits may be covered, if you are injured or on impairment. Since SSI is a needs-based program along with an SSI recipient must have limited income and resources, qualifications for the Plan for Achieving Self-Support (PASS) allows a person who has a disability to achieve an occupational goal. The cash that is set aside under a PASS may be used for anything that leads to an occupational goal and may be utilized to cover house modifications through an SSI savings plan. In the event you are a veteran, the Department of Veterans' Affairs does offer individual plans that could allow you to deflect a number of the price. You can even request in case you are eligible for the which is modeled after Medicaid's Consumer Directed HCBS, or the VA Aid and Attendance, Housebound and other Pensions. Contact the form 26-4555 to submit an application for SHA or SAH grant. For information on all VA benefits in Arkansas call 1-800-827-1000.

12) How much is it for a cheaper walk-in bathtub?

A more economical fundamental version of the walk in tub can cost between $1,7000 and $3,000 in [

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